Seeking challenging long-term position in software development with opportunities for career advancement and use of extensive development experience and knowledge.


A passionate programmer offering comprehensive experience in software development processes. Extensive background covering 10 years of Research and Development in a variety of domains, from desktop to client-server applications.


  • Strong knowledge and use of OO design, C++ and many open source libraries such as Qt and OpenSceneGraph. Strong knowledge of CMake (makefile/project generator) and IDEs like VisualStudio, Eclipse, XCode, QtCreator, vim. Strong knowledge of macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Good knowledge and use of Java and maven along IDEs like Eclipse and Idea/J.
  • Several years of 3D scene optimization techniques for Realtime 3D walkthrough, integrations in Reality Centers.
  • Agile methodologies evangelist and Scrum reference in the company.
  • Server and software administration of computers (linux, windows, mac) and tools enabling project management (gitlab, git), Continuous Integration (gitlab, bamboo) made available to all developers of the company.



Onboarding in the AID Foundation squad of the Digital Business Automation for MultiCloud tribe.


Worked as a programmer, technical and team leader of a team of 4 members on these recent lines of development:

  • eveBIM: New version and architecture to enable multi-scale 3D visualizations, BIM, CIM and GIS. Use of modern C++ (11) and modern OpenGL.
  • eveBIM-SDK: Creation and commercialisation of an SDK enabling third parties to create extensions to eveBIM (
  • eveBIM ELODIE: eveBIM plugin enhancing the calculation of building global performance analysis.
  • eveBIM TRNSYS: eveBIM plugin helping prepareb uilding Thermal Analysis thanks to the TRNSYS simulator.
  • KROQI: Created the proof of concept of the underlying API of the publicly founded Building Collaboration online platform.


Worked on several national and international projects as a technical solution provider :

  • IITAS: I developed an Express to C++ generator to help read/write STEP-TAS exchange files and provide a modern object manipulation SDK. The aim of the project is go provide an industrial implementation of STEP-TAS within main thermal analysis tools used by the European Space Industry.
  • COMMUNIC: I developed a prototype able to mix GIS data and CAD data to help visualize the construction of a highway interchange. This research project was aimed to provide new tools and methodologies to communicate between contractors of highway and road construction projects.

Worked as a programmer and technical leader of a team of 5 to 6 members on these lines of development:

  • eveBIM: A 3D visualization software build around the Building Information Model. Its architecture allows to develop different business views and tools.
  • eveGIS: A 3D visualization software build on top of SIG data handlers - «à la» Google Earth - and transforming vectorial data into 3D representations.
  • evePlayer: A realtime 3D visualization tool for immersive environments such as but also for desktop use.
  • Expressik: a java based EXPRESS to C++ generator.
  • OLMS: Server side license management tool used to manage licenses and authorize client side software activation.


Worked on several European Projects as a technical solution provider :

  • INTELCITIES: (IntelligentCities) I was involved in the specifications and the development of the e-CityPlatform that would connect and provide inter-operable services to citizens and businesses in the domain of e-Governance. This research and technological development project aimed to pool advanced knowledge and experience of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.
  • DIVERCITY: I was involved in the technical specifications and development of the integration of simulators and simulations results (thermal, acoustic and lighting) into a single 3D workspace. The project primarily addressed Workplace Design by developing, integrating and evaluating innovative workplace technologies for creating innovative and new workplace environments in the building industry sector.
  • VMAN: (Virtual Man) I was involved in the integration of the research results into our software to use and visualize these moving characters in our real time 3D viewer. The project aimed to develop an intuitive authoring system allowing non computer specialist to create, animate, control and interact with a new generation of 3D virtual characters. These AUTONOMOUS characters were intended for use in interactive media such as games and virtual reality applications.
  • OSMOS: I was the leader of the team responsible for the specification of the OSMOS services and modeling infrastructure. The project was specifically concerned with defining the working practices, processes, techniques, tools and technical infrastructure to allow the European construction industry to progress from its current position towards a large scale, computer integrated approach.


Worked on the interaction between Client/server architectures, Virtual Reality and Building models. Collaborations with several research centers (I3S, INRIA, IGD, Fraunhofer IGD (de), CRS4(it) ). These four years let me discover and experiment on a wide variety of different domains, notably : CORBA, OpenGL Performer, STEP AP225.


  • Université Nice, Sophia-AntipolisPhD, 2000 : “Application à l’ingénierie de la construction d’architectures client/ serveur pour des applications de Réalité Virtuelle fondées sur des données STEP”
  • Université Nancy I — Fifth year of university study (DEA) in Computer Science, 1995
  • Université Paris 8 — Fourth year of university degree (maîtrise) in Image Technology and Art, 1994
  • IUT Leonard de Vinci, Reims — Third Year of university degree (DU) in Computer Graphics, 1993
  • IUT Leonard de Vinci, Reims — Two years Technical degree in Computer (DUT) in Computer Science, 1992

Fluent english (Irish Mother), notions of German and Spanish.


  • Creator of the C++ User Group SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS (just started !)
  • Initiator of several Brown Bags on a wide variety of subjects (Git, Gitlab, Bamboo, eveBIM, Bullet Journal, Elm)
  • AppCast server : OpenSource rails app to serve application updates (20+ CSTB’s products use it).
  • Maintainer of the OpenSource osgQt on GitHub and the OpenSource IFC SDK library on GitLab.
  • Cook and co-organizer of CSTB’s in-house bi-yearly festive lunches.